which of the stray dogs are you?

There are a few dogs in my story, all different. some shy some confident, all compleatly different. but which one are you? you might be the main character, you may be the character that gets mentioned once! whoever you are, be proud!

have you ever wondered which dog you might be? if you want to find out, take this quiz, you might be someone you thought you'd never be! after all, it won't hurt!

Created by: dez
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  1. are you tomboyish?
  2. do you consider yourself a good leader?
  3. are you energetic?
  4. Role play!!!! your gang meets new dogs, they say they want to join, what do you do.
  5. which do you prefer?
  6. which would you like to be good at?
  7. how would you describe yourself?
  8. Role play!!!!!!AGAIN!!!!!! you are chosen to go hunting whats your thoughts?
  9. Role play!!!! your friend is sick, you need to find the correct flower. what do you do?
  10. role play!!!! intruders! what do you do?your on your own.
  11. role play!!! your gang is getting attacked, your outnumbered. what do you do.

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Quiz topic: Which of the stray dogs am I?