Which of my top-quality Howrses should you buy? :)

HEY READ PLEASE!!! If you don't you will suffer a terrible...never mind... :P Okay, so guys, you should probably (in fact, definately) only PM me IF you meet certain requirements...

A. Actually have a Howrse.com account... B. Have access to reserved sales. Please don't message me until you do. C. Probably have access to passes or have a good amount of equus.

Created by: Starcather9
  1. What Genetic Potential would you prefer?
  2. What skill set would you prefer?
  3. Would you like a male or female?
  4. Would you like a competition horse or a breeding horse?
  5. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  6. How are you today?
  7. What did you have for lunch?
  8. Are you getting tired of random questions?
  9. Next to last one: Would you like a purebred horse or a cross?
  10. Hope you enjoyed! PM me on Starcather9! :)

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Quiz topic: Which of my top-quality Howrses should I buy? :)