Which Of My Creepypastas Are You?

Hi! I'm Blacky, and this is a quiz I put together from Creepypastas of my own invention. I'm sadly not including Liz The Psycho, Syke, The Dream Catcher, or Liu Ellis.

This is kind of a personality quiz. I mean, your personality needs to be tested sometime! My knowledge of Creepypasta is insanely huge. And by the way, before you ask, yes, Chain Reaction is me.

Created by: Liu Ellis

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Colour?
  2. Quote?
  3. What's your insanity level?
  4. Have you been bullied at all?
  5. Which line of a song describes you best?
  6. Best Drink?
  7. What is your usual emotion?
  8. Who is your closest friend?
  9. What is your theme song?
  10. Who's the best celebrity EVER?

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Quiz topic: Which Of My Creepypastas am I?