Which Creepypasta Are You?

There are many great Creepypastas out there, some of which have scared the living daylights out out of me. I managed to round up my top five Creepypastas, some of which I created myself! Take Liz The Psycho for instance. She has an unknown story, because nobody knows her!

This quiz is my first GoToQuiz quiz, I usually make quizzes on Quotev. It's just a warning in case you think this quiz is rubbish and a waste of time. Which I'm sure SOME OF YOU *Leon Morton* will think it is. But still, I hope you enjoy this quiz. I made it very late at night so it's very quick thinking... Hope you enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Ricky Glover
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's Your Ideal Job?
  2. What Is Your Biggest Fear?
  3. What's Your Favourite Colour?
  4. Favourite Singer/Band?
  5. #BestHashtagInTheWorldEver?
  6. Bes Weapon Ever?
  7. Who is the best youtuber ever?
  8. Best video game?
  9. Last question. Best song?
  10. Ok, this really IS the last question. Cheesecake?

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Quiz topic: Which Creepypasta am I?