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  • I got KIRBY!

    TheKirbyNerd May 16 '16, 12:01PM
  • I got (Luigi). I more match daisy. But i am a bit of a scaredy-cat.

    Hyunwoo Feb 3 '14, 4:28AM
  • I got Luigi! :( I don't like Luigi. He's boring.

    Kooleo2000 Nov 23 '12, 4:16PM
  • bowser b---- XD

    nomnom909 Aug 7 '09, 4:17AM
  • I took this quiz twice. First time I got Super Mario (which isn't much like me), then second time, which I took before posting this comment, I got Luigi (go 'uigi). I think that the second result was correct.

    Joshi001 Aug 6 '09, 11:13AM
  • I got luigi! He's, like, my favourite character EVER!

    acguy95 Dec 13 '08, 5:25PM

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