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  • Jay 89%

    You're an adventurous, inventive, funny, witty guy, always quick with a joke and a smile. Usually, you play the pranks. But sometimes, you get pranked. Look out for your buddies ruining your chances with Nya when trying to impress her.

    61% Lloyd
    46% Cole
    35% Zane
    32% Garmadon(Good)
    28% Sensei Wu
    28% Nya
    19% Kai

    The faded smoke
  • I got Nya... sure I'm a girl but I'm definitely Cole. Like... brutally accurate Cole.

  • Lloyd. For some odd reason, I keep getting him for a bf. It makes me happy. -w-

    ninja person
  • Wow! I got Nya, but for every other test I got Kai! (Still like Kai better)

    Ninjago Kai

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