Which NBA superstar will you form?

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We have a lot of favorite things in the NBA (National Basketball Association) but mostly we idolize basketball players for instance Micheal Jordan,Kobe Bryant(RIP),Lebron James

In this fun quiz you can form an NBA superstar or allstar if the two have you have the same types of abbilities or playstyle you have sorry if there are only 5 players

Created by: Justine

  1. 2.Do you love basketball !!!!
  2. What is the Meaning of the meaning of NBA?
  3. Okay there is 2.4 seconds left at the clock the ball is passed to you at the 3 point line you have an open shot but you are not that accurate when it comes to the three pointer although you teammate who is a better shooter than you is wide open what do you do?
  4. Let's talk about you're jumshot
  5. How about you're dribbling
  6. Do you love to play defense ?
  7. Are you an assist first player
  8. Can you easily score on your opponent
  9. Can you dunk?
  10. What is you're rank in the team
  11. Which is you're most favorite in basketball

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Quiz topic: Which NBA superstar will I form?