which naruto girl character are you?!?

do you like naruto?well if so i know you will like my quiz because it is made just for you yes you its has some questions about things in the show but only questions about the girls and things like that well enjoy!

did you ever wondered what naruto girl you were well lucky you, you get to have a chance to know who you are.just take my quiz and in some time ,not much, you get to find out i how you are i hope you will like it ENJOY!

Created by: jenny

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  1. whats your favorite color?
  2. if you had a rival who would it be?
  3. who do you like?
  4. your in a fight and you are losing you would..
  5. the guy you like is coming towards you then you..
  6. the guy you like is gonna be killed but they have you by your hair would you..
  7. do you like long hair?
  8. who is your favorite naruto girl?
  9. which naruto girl do you hate the most?
  10. do you like the show naruto?

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Quiz topic: Which naruto girl character am I?!?