Which Naruto character do you fight like?

My second quiz :D I had a friend do it with me! yay! Well, do you want to know who in Naruto do you fight like? You'll know once you take this quiz! Naruto,Sasuke,Garra,Neji or Lee?

i think this quiz will be really, really,really,really fun because the last one that I made someone gave it a good comment so you should try this one! Have fun!

Created by: Baily
  1. What would you do in a fight?
  2. You get attacked on your way home what would you do?
  3. Do you fight in a team?
  4. Your in the Chunnin exams. The person your fighting gets really cocky and starts insulting you! What do you do?
  5. Do you like the quiz so far? It won't affect your results so don't kill me Garra!
  6. You are getting the crap beaten out of you in the biggest battle of your life! What do you do?
  7. Your teammate gets injured! What do you do?
  8. What is your signature jutsu?
  9. What is your defence method?
  10. last question! Who is your favorite character in Naruto?

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Quiz topic: Which Naruto character do I fight like?