Which Naruto character are you??

Are you lazy, or are you emo? Do you like to eat or do you starve yourself?? Are you a big naruto fan?? Well come on over here and try out my quiz! I hope you'll get who you want!

Are YOU the person you've expected to be? well i hope you are cause if you take this quiz you'll soon figure out. Come on over here!! try my quiz out!!

Created by: Sango
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite color??
  2. What do you do most of the time??
  3. What is your fav food??
  4. What is your fav animal??
  5. What is your dream??
  6. Someone sneeks up on you, what will you do??
  7. You are clueless. Wat will you do??
  8. How do you think of this quiz so far??
  9. what is yr best friend like??
  10. RANDOM LAST QUESTION!!!! wat is yr hair like?? (if yr hair is not like any of the listed, either pick the best suited 1 for u or randomly pick 1)

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Quiz topic: Which Naruto character am I??