Which naruto boy are you?

This is a quiz about which naruto boy are you? there are five boys you can be but i won't tell you. you can find out. :D I hope you like it. and also do not take this seriously. i just wanted this to be fun for people not upsetting. i hope this is fun.

if you come across a question such as asking whats your favorite food, and you havent had any of the foods before, choose the one that sounds the most appitezing to you.

Created by: audrey

  1. What is your ambition?
  2. whos your family?
  3. whats your favorite food
  4. who do you want to end up with?
  5. Who do you want to battle?
  6. who are you scared of
  7. what rank are you?
  8. what is your least favorite food?
  9. who's your sensei
  10. who are your teammates
  11. what do you hate?

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Quiz topic: Which naruto boy am I?