Which mystical power suits you?

Some people in the world want power, but it's impossible to find one. However, many people want to know which power will suit him if he or she has one.

So, which one are you? What will be suiting you? Try this quiz and found out. First rule, no lie, all honest. Second rule, avoid "Neutral" answers. Good luck!

Created by: Matmail

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you shy?
  2. Are you kind or big-hearted?
  3. Are you practical?
  4. Which one do you like : Weapons or magic power?
  5. Can you run fast?
  6. Which one you choose : Money or happiness?
  7. Are you mostly Introvert or Extrovert?
  8. Helping others or making joke of others?
  9. Be quiet or noisy?
  10. Do sport or not? Strong or not?

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Quiz topic: Which mystical power suits me?