Which Mountain Dew Game Fuel Are You?

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I love Mountain Dew. And the one thing I love to drink is Mountain Dew Game Fuel. This quiz is basically a "spin-off" of my last Mountain Dew quiz, because this quiz is based entirely on Mountain Dew Game Fuel flavors. I've tried all four flavors so far. I try to buy whatever Game Fuel is out before it's all gone. This year, I've tried Citrus Cherry, and most recently, Electrifying Berry. They were both amazing. Both were released to promote the new Xbox One. The same recipe for Citrus Cherry Game Fuel is released every year. Game Fuel Wild Fruit (or should I say, Game Fuel Alliance Blue) was released to promote World of Warcraft, and Game Fuel Tropical was released to promote Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Game Fuel Citrus Cherry was released alone twice to promote Halo 3 and Halo 4.

I usually try every flavor at least once. But I never got the chance to try Mountain Dew: Revolution, unfortunately. Anyway, I added another flavor called Dark Berry as one of the results of this quiz. I tried Dark Berry and it was amazing. I wish it stayed in stores permanently. This flavor was released as part of The Dark Knight Rises Partnership. I know Dark Berry is not a part of any Game Fuel promotions, but it was released to promote a movie. So I decided to add Dark Berry as one of the results, regardless if it's not a Game Fuel flavor. It was used to promote something which is why I decided to make it one of the results of this quiz. Sorry if there was a flavor on this quiz you never got the chance to try. These flavors of Mountain Dew stay on shelves only for a limited time.

Created by: Toxic Maple Ind
  1. What's your favorite occasion for drinking Mountain Dew?
  2. How do you prefer to play video games?
  3. Are you competitive?
  4. What fascinates you most?
  5. Which word best describes your personality?
  6. You prefer video games that make you:
  7. When it comes to video games, it's not about whether you win or lose but:
  8. In order for you to love a video game, it's got to have:
  9. What sort of adventure would you like to go on?
  10. How would you rate your gamer skill level?
  11. Of these, which is your favorite flavor?

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Quiz topic: Which Mountain Dew Game Fuel am I?