How Well Do You Know Kid Icarus: Uprising?

Released 25 years after Kid Icarus was released, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a game enjoyed by many, including myself. With excellent characters, plot, and humor, it is quite the remarkable game.

How well do you know this 3DS game? This quiz will give you an idea of how well you know Uprising. Perhaps you know it very well. Perhaps you can't even understand Uprising. But it doesn't hurt to know, does it?

Created by: Athena
  1. Let's start out easy. What is the name of the first chapter of Uprising?
  2. Who is the final boss in chapter 3, Heads of the Hewdraw?
  3. What weapon does Pit use to defeat Hades?
  4. Out of these choices, which god is not actually fought in the main story?
  5. What is Cragalanche (Fought in Chapter 11)'s weak point?
  6. How are Underworld troops created?
  7. In what chapter is the Chaos Kin fought?
  8. Which one of these choices ISN'T fought as a boss in Chapter 24: The Three Trials?
  9. What does Viridi hate with a flaming passion? (The correct answer is the first thing that is officially announced that she hates)
  10. Aside from Pit, what is the only other troop Palutena has?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Kid Icarus: Uprising?