Which Moonstone wolf likes you? (Girls only)

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Hi! My name is Harper and this is my first quiz so don’t be too gudgy. This quiz will tell you which Moonstone wolf likes you! Your friends names are Amber(the shy one) and Snow(the coco one)

Today you will take this wonderful wonderful quiz and be told which Moonstone wolf likes you. Will it be Thunder, Evergreen, or Blaze? Well that’s why you are tacking this quiz.

Created by: Harper Grace

  1. What color are you?
  2. Which pack are you in?
  3. Three handsome wolfs walk by wile you and your friends are taking a walk. The grey one stops the group and introduces himself.”I am Thunder” The black wolf says”I am Evergreen.” The red one says”And I am Blaze” Your friends giggle, what do you do?
  4. The lead wolf asks if you and your friends will goin them in the morning for a walk in the wilderness. You say?
  5. You and your friends are walking back to your cave and the boys ask if your group would goin them. Which wolf do you go with?
  6. What ever you say! You sleep with Thunder. Your friend Amber sleeps with Evergreen and Snow sleeps with Blaze. You say?
  7. You need to eat since you did not eat dinner. You invite one wolf who do you invite?
  8. What is your favorite color?
  9. There is a storm outside. What do you do?
  10. What is your hobby?

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