Which MLB character are you?

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In this quiz you will answer 17 questions to see who you match the most. I sadly forgot images for the results but hopefully it's ok. Please don't be disappointed with the results.

This is also my first quiz so if it doesn't work I would be disappointed but I'd try again. I have no creativity so this took me weeks because I couldn't think of anything. Anyways enjoy!

Created by: Lex
  1. How would your friends describe you?
  2. Your friend is crying, what do you do?
  3. How many friends would you rather have?
  4. Relationship status?
  5. Hobby?
  6. Someone you don't like says they like you, your response...
  7. You have homework. You...
  8. How famous are you?
  9. When do you go to sleep?
  10. You have school tomorrow. How do you feel?
  11. How often are you confident?
  12. One of your fears?
  13. You have the day off, what do you do?
  14. You see a pretty flower, what do you do?
  15. How do act around your crush?
  16. What Hogwarts house are you in?
  17. Who do you think you'll get? (this won't add to the quiz dw)

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Quiz topic: Which MLB character am I?