Which Member Of The DreamSMP Are You?

This quiz will tell you what member of the DreamSMP you are. If you don’t get the one you wanted, it’s not my fault lol, it’s your answers so yeah :))

Remember, I made this because I was bored so please don’t hate, also, have fun! I really enjoyed making this and it did take quite some time so yeah! I really appreciate you

Created by: Erin

  1. How do you watch?
  2. Do you listen to Wilbur’s music?
  3. L’manberg, Manberg or Dream Team?
  4. Blood for the blood god is a quote said by who?
  5. Who is ninja married to?
  6. Who killed Tubbo_ at the festival?
  7. What is your sexuality?
  8. Who is HBomb?
  9. Who is Dreams sister?
  10. What is the DreamSMP?
  11. How would you describe yourself?
  12. How do your friends describe you?
  13. Who’s your favourite?

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Quiz topic: Which Member Of The DreamSMP am I?