Which Kinoko Kingdom member do you most resemble? (DreamSMP)

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Kinoko Kingdom was created on DreamSMP by KarlJacobs, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap to get away from the fighting, wars and server drama going on. At the time of this quiz, the main members are Karl, George, Sapnap, Nihachu, and Pokimane!

This quiz about Kinoko Kingdom revolving around the DreamSMP and the different factions in it. Yes, there are no curse words about anything, so you can just chill taking my quiz! :)

Created by: Woofaboo

  1. Do you agree with The Syndicate taking down L'manberg on Doomsday?
  2. In your opinion, who out of these people was most in the right through the SMP?
  3. Most preferred outfit for being in Kinoko?
  4. Favourite faction of the SMP?
  5. What do you think Foolish should build next in Kinoko?
  6. So... your basically done now, and can leave...buuuut i need 10 questions so... bare with me.
  7. None of these will affect your score btw!
  8. So, umm... Tubbo's stolen nukes, right? what ever happened to that arc? :/
  9. The Red Banquet was probably better than the Schlatt Festival, change my mind
  10. Okay, well, last one now. Hope you get a good answer! this was really lazy, so thank you if you're here! <3

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Quiz topic: Which Kinoko Kingdom member do I most resemble? (DreamSMP)