Which member of Queen are you??

Their are bands and their are successes, but one band has more success than almost all of them and that band is Queen. Roger, Brian, John,and Freddie have written history for themselves and the music of rock. So let's see who you are and what you're made of..

What do you play, who are you, who can you be? Roger Taylor, Brian may John Deacon and Freddie Mercury are who you can be but who are you??? This quiz will tell you who, so lets see, Which member of Queen are you ????

Created by: Shelley Trodd

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  1. What instrument sounds like you???
  2. When it comes to vocals, you :
  3. When writing songs where do you write from??
  4. If preforming with Queen, what would you wear??
  5. WHat would your Hair Resemble, i mean which Queen members hair would you want??
  6. Who wrote the song"Radio Gaga" ?
  7. Who wrote the song "i want to break free" ?
  8. Who wrote the Song "Hammer to Fall"??
  9. Who wrote the song Somebody to love??
  10. Who is the Drummer????
  11. Who plays the Bass
  12. Who plays the Electric Guitar
  13. Who Sings?
  14. What are the Backing tracks usually made up of????
  15. Who had A vodka and tonic hidden in their styrofoam car in the music video Radio Gaga
  16. If you are a Musician, or you want to be, who do you draw you inspiration from??
  17. In the Queens Crest which appeals to you the most???
  18. When choosing to do a music video, how do you want it done??
  19. In the I want to break free Music video, who's idea was it to dress in drag???
  20. In the Queen vocals, where would you sing
  21. Which other instrument would you play??
  22. Which Lyric sounds the most like you??
  23. Okay last question, who do you hope you get??

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Quiz topic: Which member of Queen am I??