are you a drama queen?

there are lots of posers in the world but only a few are true drama queens. a drama queen is one who exaggerates a heep, and loves to act. so you posers get of the stage!

so do your think your a true drama queen? well in just a few shot moments you shall find out. and if your not... BUGGER OFF YOU POSER AND GE LOST or you might as well learn some acting skills !!!!

Created by: Charlie
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you were the opining and leading role of a play, what would you do when you fist got on stage?
  2. if your mum and dad your cheering randomly for you, you would....
  3. if you forgot your line, you
  4. if one of the other characters stuffed up you...
  5. do you at randomly around your friends?
  6. do your parents call you a drama queen?
  7. do you have a drama queen T-shirt?
  8. whats your hobbie?
  9. what job do you want?
  10. how many time have you been commented on your acting?
  11. do you see your self as a future famous actor/actress?

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Quiz topic: Am I a drama queen?