Which Long Island pretty girl is your perfect play date?

We all love Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and their related bands. And we certainly love their members and their friends, for different reasons. Of course, their music, but they also have different personalities.

So which of them is the one for you? Do you like someone who's absolutely crazy? More laid-back? Less or more of a drama queen? Take the quiz and you will know which one of the Long Island drama queens is the one for you!

Created by: Lucia
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  1. What would be your perfect play date?
  2. What would be a perfect present for your play date?
  3. Let's say your play date writes songs. What does he write about?
  4. What of the following characteristics do you like the most in a guy?
  5. What of the following things you don't want in your play date?
  6. Does your play date have a criminal record?
  7. Friends are important. What should your play date's friends be like?
  8. What kind of music does he like?
  9. How does he act when he meets someone new?
  10. You can pretty much tell a lot about a guy by looking at his exes. How are his like?

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Quiz topic: Which Long Island pretty girl is my perfect play date?