Which MCYT are you?

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Find put what mcyt your most like! This to me sooooo long. My tiktok is: Dreamsmp.pog. Go like my videoes and mby follow. Tell me if you liked the quiz.

This quiz includes,: George - Tubbo - Tommy - Sapnap - Wilbur - Dream. This is just my opinion and I dont really know How this app thing works too so lol.

Created by: Isabella

  1. What weapon do you prefer when your in a fight
  2. What Zodiac sign is your bsf in real life or online?
  3. What kind of person are you in Minecraft?
  4. Which one of these describes you the best?
  5. What sentence do you like the most? (from mcyt’s)
  6. What is your favorite disc in minecraft?
  7. What pet would you rather have in minecraft if you could only Pick one?
  8. Who is your favorite streamer from the Dream SMP?
  9. What is your favorite color?
  10. How do you laugh over text?

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Quiz topic: Which MCYT am I?