which mcr member r u?

this is a test about my chemical romance, a rock band that's been around since 2001. The 5 very different band members all love music, & if you don't don't bother taking this quiz because you won't be anything like them anyway.

Who are you most like? gerald the hot weirdo? mikey who's bunny has a myspace? frank the badboy? Ray the metalhead? or bob who knows what he wants? This short quiz will show you which of the five band member you have a personality like.

Created by: jacinta

  1. if someone hits you, what do you do?
  2. do you have a bad temper?
  3. you're mum tells you not to go to a party
  4. do you believe in God?
  5. how would your friends describe you?
  6. have you ever pretended to be someone of the opposite gender?
  7. do u like small towns or cities?
  8. have you ever stalked someone?
  9. what instrument do you play?
  10. do you like reading?
  11. do you have many friends?

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