Which main What's going on here? Character are you?

Laddos this is real or anything i just did this for fun and it is inaccurate and stuff so yeah. Your probably seeing this bc i gave you the link ha...

Im putting this up on the Whats going on here? studio for others to see. Its mainly for the creator but it can be for anybody! Sooo yep! That's about it.. enjoy!

Created by: PAgentX

  1. Which hat would you have?
  2. Crewmate or imposter?
  3. Favorite map?
  4. Why you taking this quiz?
  5. Favorite task?
  6. Pizza or hotdog? This shall have no effect.
  7. Animation or Animatic? till no effect.
  8. yo, bruh, bro or dude?
  9. If i said this was wasting your time just for enough questions to 10, how would you react?
  10. Last question: pizza or cake?

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Quiz topic: Which main What's going on here? Character am I?