Which Dream SMP Character are YOU?

Which Dream SMP character are you? This quiz is based off of new/underrated characters. This includes Technoblade, Jschlatt, Quackity, Eret, Karl, Connor, Ranboo(b), CaptainPuffy, Fundy, and Niki.

This can be very inaccurate or spot on, it really depends on the audience this is reaching! The results are based off of the answers these people would choose than their actual personalities. I did notice some typos after I changed it so don't mind those. Have fun! (Disclaimer: If your name is mentioned in this quiz, this is most likely inaccurate)

Created by: Arson
  1. What type of friend are you?
  2. What would people you know describe you as?
  3. What would you like to be described as?
  4. Are you an introvert or an extravert?
  5. What is your reaction to horror games/sudden scares?
  6. What would you do in situations of danger/distress?
  7. What do you see yourself as?
  8. *Books.*
  9. What would you do if the world was ending?
  10. Who do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: Which Dream SMP Character am I?