which magcon boy is your husband

My quiz is about the magcon boy that you will marry. To marry one of these boys is a dram come true. When you take my quiz you will feel like the most amazing girl ever and you will want to cry just like i did. (you will cry tears of joy).

What personality do you have that is suitable for one of these beautiful boys? Do you have the guts to dare try this life decisioning decision? I wanna know

Created by: jasmin
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. describe your self
  2. which guy do you hate
  3. fav color
  4. choose a random one
  5. favroite sport
  6. what is your favorite animal
  7. who is your favorite boy
  8. choose random again
  9. what is is a major turn on
  10. Are u fun

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Quiz topic: Which magcon boy is my husband