Which Lord of The Rings character are you?

There are many races in middle earth but which one are you most fond of. It ranges from elves to hobbits and the mythical creature that uses flames as his primary aqusition.

Are you a dwarf or are you an elf find out here and see if you got what it takes to be a warrior or a simple vagabond. Can you be the master race find out here.

Created by: tyler
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  1. Are you brave and courageous?
  2. Do you thirst for victory and glory?
  3. Do You hate orcs?
  4. Do you love battle?
  5. Do you take risks.
  6. Do you love food?
  7. Do you get into fights often?
  8. Do you love Elven folk?
  9. Do you love material worth?
  10. Which do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: Which Lord of The Rings character am I?