Which Life's Riddles Character are you? (NEW)

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(Not very serious, just for fun) -- A new updated Life's Riddles character quiz, 2022. All characters referenced and included belong to Kai/Kaillou, on youtube.

Discover which character from Life's Riddles (KAILLOU) you are most like, in a few simple multi-choice questions!!! Made by iris/obama/ollybama/i go by many names.

Created by: ollybama
  1. What is your favourite animal?
  2. You're having a rough time in school. You feel like nobody likes you and you don't understand the work. What do you do?
  3. Your parents are fighting over something stupid. What do you do?
  4. How would you *best* describe yourself? Don't be modest.
  5. Which DD (DEATH DATE) character is your favourite? If you haven't watched DD, which name sounds the coolest.
  6. Your friend is being annoying. What do you do?
  7. Which Jay ship do you like the most?
  8. In 10 years you see yourself....
  9. A stranger is taking pictures of you. What do you do?
  10. What's your sleep schedule like?
  11. (NO EFFECT) Who do you want to get?

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Quiz topic: Which Life's Riddles Character am I? (NEW)