Which Legendary Starfy Character Are You?

Alright, there's a game for Nintendo DS called The Legendary Starfy and I have searched far and wide to find a "which legendary starfy character are you?"quiz and found nothing. Absolutely NOTHING.

In this quiz, you can find out which legendary starfy character you are. So you can just take this one and you will not have to search hard like I had to. Then, I was clever enough to just make this one!

Created by: kyla
  1. Which of these flaws sound most like you?
  2. Which of these four Bunston abilities do you like most?
  3. Do you think you are awesome?
  4. What are you thinking right now?
  5. What are you usually wearing?
  6. What's your favorite color?
  7. How many times are you heard saying"I rock"?
  8. Almost done!! Are ya bored?
  9. Did you like the quiz?
  10. Do you nag a lot?

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Quiz topic: Which Legendary Starfy Character am I?