Which Lady Gaga Song Are You?

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Oh Oh Rumbumbada Oh Oh Rumbumbada! Play Ur Love game do u want love do u want game do u want that game? lets play the love game! Pokerface! P-p-p-pokerface p-p-pokerface!

DO u love lady gaga? do u love her songs and know every single word to them? DO u think u r like lady gaga in some way? DOes ur personality match the lyrics in one of her songs? find out in just a few minutes thanks to this cool quiz!

Created by: Joy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Ur favorite color is
  2. do u like to play games
  3. if u were an animal ud be a
  4. Do u like going to parties?
  5. If someone was messing with u u would
  6. R u afraid of cameras?
  7. U style ur hair?
  8. Do u think wearing dresses is cool.
  9. R u having fun taking this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Lady Gaga Song am I?