Which KPop Fan Are You?

Have you ever been in the world of KPop? Are you a veteran, or are you new fan? Do you enjoy kpop? Are you bore and have nothing to do? Let's take this quiz and find out!

So, have you ever wondered about what kpop fan you're m most like? Are you obsessed over it, or are you a casual? It's fine either way. These questions are seconds away from answering!

Created by: Amy3312

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  1. You stumble upon a kpop music video. What's your first reaction?
  2. While shopping at a store, you see your favorite idol in the distance, and they look lost and confused. Wanting to help out, what are your thoughts?
  3. You're watching a kpop music video, and a girl appears to one of the members. The camera pans past a column, and the two are gone. A jumpcut appears and it seems like the idol is tied up in a chair, and the girl is holding a poisoned drink in her hand. What's your first reaction?
  4. You're chilling out at a beach, and an idol walks up to you, and they seem to be asking you a question, albeit with a really awful yet endearing accent. What's your reaction?
  5. You're in the crowd of a fan meeting, and the idols walk on stage. How loud are you cheering?
  6. It's time to vote for your favorite idol group for the yearly award shindig, and your can vote as many times as you want. How intensely are you voting?
  7. You check your kpop news site, and there's a confirmed dating rumor surrounding your favorite idol. How do you react?
  8. Oh no! There's a scandal surrounding your favorite idol, and it looks like they're being framed! How do you react?
  9. You're in a kpop concert! Where are you, and what are you doing?
  10. What's your favorite color? (No worries, this doesn't effect your results. :3)

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