Which KOTOR Character Matches Your Personality?

This is a short series of questions to determine which Knights of the Old Republic character you most have in common with. The characters are not owned by Lucasarts, the video game developer behind the "Monkey Island" series, each and every "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" game, and "Grim Fandango".

This does not include characters from The Sith Lords, although every character makes an appearance in said game. Please answer truthfully, as trivial as this may be, it's more fun when the results add up in a reasonable way.

Created by: amazon
  1. To begin, you have awoken on an unfamiliar starship, which is currently under siege by people who aren't at all interested in talking things out. The ship contains vital information that would lead to far greater disasters later on, should it fall into the wrong hands. There is little chance for the ship or its crew to make it out alive, so what have you got to lose? What strategy would you choose to perform in your fight to survive?
  2. Congrats: you've successfully made it to the planet below! With you are a rag-tag band of individuals who aren't very supportive of the way the imperial government has forcefully quarantined every living thing on the planet. Worse, you discover that the planet is controlled by the very same people who blew your ship to hell. If they find you, they will kill you. The first order of business then, is to find a way off this rock; how would you go about it?
  3. Your journey has taken you to a world filled with people who actually don't want your head on a silver platter. Unfortunately, the backwater planet you just fled was pretty much blown away in a ruthless attempt to kill you, specifically. Knowing this, you have been asked by the Jedi Council to use your resourcefulness to save the galaxy from the Sith: the warring faction bent on conquering. How do you choose to answer their call?
  4. However you feel about serving the Jedi's demands, you have either seen some form of wisdom in their instruction, or come to understand that SOMEONE has to do it. You may be disappointed to hear that the first thing on the list for saving the galaxy includes treasure hunting on a number of different yet similar planets. Your first clue lies in a cave on Tatooine guarded by a giant lizard known as a Krayt Dragon, who eats people your size for breakfast. How would you defeat this great obstacle?
  5. Next stop: Kashyyyk, the wookiee world covered in skyscraper-tall trees. The planet, however, is not ruled by its native wookiees, but a faceless weapons corporation looking only to make a profit. The wookiees are captured and enslaved, while their own leader is actually supplying the corporation with his own people, in exchange for power. The population is oblivious, but the wookiee you befriend at the start of the mission believes he can end put a stop to it all. How do you choose to help him?
  6. Third stop: Manaan. It's a neutral water world controlled by an indigenous aquatic species that holds a key to winning the war between the Republic and the Sith: kolto or "healing juice". Your quest takes you to a secret and illegal Republic mining station, where the facility has been driven murderously insane telepathically by a strange fish, said to be centuries old. If the station is disassembled, Manaan would surely ban the Republic from the kolto industry. How would you handle the situation?
  7. Your heroic pilot has just gotten the ship caught in a tractor beam cast by a Sith warship. Once aboard and brutally interrogated, you and your crew mount an escape. Working your way to the bridge to override the security, you cross the ship's despotic admiral. He reveals to you that one of your close friends you met at the beginning of your journey was, at one time, a Sith Lord who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of lives. How would you feel?
  8. So now you're on the run again, with the knowledge that you're carrying the former Sith Lord Revan on board, and one of the Jedi in your crew has been captured by his former apprentice. The best lead you have to stage a rescue, ironically is the last clue, hidden on the Sith world Korriban. What would you do about Revan during the course of this trip?
  9. All the clues have been assembled; the directions lead to a colossal factory in space. It is crawling with Sith forces, and your pilot immediately sends the coordinates to the Republic. The Sith chase you into the distruptor field surrounding the uncharted planet below, forcing your ship to land on the surface. Moving quickly to disable the disruptor field, you find the captive crew member has fallen to the dark side, and has been ordered to kill you and your friends. Describe your reaction.
  10. The grand finale: the entire Republic fleet vs legions of Sith armadas. History will be made today. Many Jedi will fall fighting the forces of Darth Malak but victory for the Republic lies in his defeat, and the destruction of the Star Forge. How does this play out for you?

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