Which KOTLC ability do you secretly have?

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Here you will find out what you KOTLC secret ability is! There are 7 options here! Telepath, Conjurer, Empath, Pyrokinetic, Psionipaths, Polyglot and Hydrokinetic!

Which ability are you? I am a Conjurer! My favourite characters are Biana, Della and Edaline! What about you? My favourite bodyguard is Flori! Who’s is yours?

Created by: Nava

  1. Which instrument is your favourite?
  2. What is your favourite animal
  3. Who is your favourite parent of Sophie’s friends?!
  4. Are you Council, Black Swan, Neverseen or Neutral?
  5. Are you more like a rock or sand?
  6. Which element do you like/ prefer the most?
  7. Which is your favourite family?
  8. Mentor, Regent, Emissaries or Councillors?
  9. Who has member of the Collective are you?
  10. Which word connects to you more?

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Quiz topic: Which KOTLC ability do I secretly have?