What KotLC ability are you?

Hey Hey! Its EmmaTheEmpath!!!!! In this quiz you will find out what your KotLC ability is! there is only the abilities in the question what ability because there are SO MANY abilities!!

So yeah, SO SORRY!!!! I also dont have a long attention span!! There would be more if not for my pretty short attention span. PLEASE be truthful, even for the last question, I wont see it! so, crush my soul away!! (im kidding Im kidding!)

Created by: EmmaTheEmpath
  1. What elemant?
  2. What do you want? element based power? or mind based power? (mind is telepath empath mesmer ect.)
  3. Are you out going? or are you kind of anti social?
  4. do you like the idea of reading peoples minds?
  5. Black swan or Neverseen?
  6. Keefe or Tam?
  7. Have you taken a ability test before? if so, what are your results
  8. Whats your Favorite ability? (will increse chanses of getting that ability
  9. Did you like this quiz? (doesnt count towards score.)
  10. random question, do you like my name? EmmaTheEmapth?

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Quiz topic: What KotLC ability am I?