Which Kinesis is For You?

Kinesis. Familiar? Unfamiliar? You might have heard of telekinesis before. This kinesis is constructed of moving objects through sheer will of the mind, and guidance of the body and it's aura.

So which kinesis is most suiting to your likings and personality? There are many more, but I only listed seven. I have the ability over weather; termokinesis. But what are you? Find out by taking this quiz!

Created by: Skydragon
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  1. Let's get this annoying question out of the way. Fav color? *hides behind a boulder*
  2. If you succeded in using telekinesis (moving objects), what would you like to attempt after that?
  3. You are interested in;
  4. Chose one of these words to describe yourself.
  5. Are you willing to surpass to a level where you stand near danger?
  6. Would you rather control things up high or by your feet?
  7. Are you willing to surpass the limits of time and space?
  8. Is your wish to control one kinesis, or rather a combination?
  9. Do you desire a kinesis that has multiple uses? And so also takes more training to achieve?
  10. Do you wish to make it harder for yourself to master a certain kinesis, through the opposition of certain factors to this kinesis?

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