Which Kid From School Will You End Up With?

ok, heres the thing. it wasn't on purpose ok? I didn't mean to cheat on him, i was actually unaware i was cheating. It's probably because of my kids damn phone

take this quiz to find out if dad really IS holding hands with the babysitter. if your surfboard is turning purple make sure to lick it clean before supper.

Created by: gg rocks

  1. Do people like you?
  2. How often do you interact with people?
  3. Would people say youre a good person?
  4. Do you belive in the holy lord?!
  5. what are your opinions on abortion
  6. is snape a good or bad guy?
  7. james or tati
  8. Are you more Liv or Maddie
  9. whats your ideal lampshade?
  10. do u wear pants to church (if u had to go to church)

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Quiz topic: Which Kid From School will I End Up With?