Which key signature are you? (Flats)

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Welcome to my quiz. Today you will find out what key signature you are!* Soon, I will make a part 2. This is part 1. The possible results are 1 flat, 2 flats, 3 flats, 4 flats, 5 flats, 6 flats, and 7 flats.

*I am only using the flat key signatures; as GoToQuiz won't let me put all 15 key signatures. It only allows 10 results maximum. Sorry about that. -grimmchild

Created by: grimmchild of MAKE YA OWN SHEET MUSIC YOOOOOOO!!!
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  1. Hi!
  2. Fill in the blanks: I would like __ slice(s) of pizza!
  3. What's your favorite key signature (part 1)
  4. Part 2
  5. there is no part 3
  6. What is your least favorite key signature (part 1)
  7. part 2 again, least favorite key signature
  8. There is no part 3
  9. What is the first digit of your favorite number
  10. Do you like time signatures
  11. How do you like this quiz so far
  12. I hate key signatures with more than 5 flats
  13. And four sharps, you stress me out.
  14. I just CAN'T do 4 sharps...
  15. Well, I have run out of time, Bye!

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Quiz topic: Which key signature am I? (Flats)