Which Keeper of the Lost Cities Character Are You?

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What's up guys! I am TheWritingNerd, and today I'm going to be quizzing you to see which KOTLC character you resemble most! (By the way- if you get Linh, welcome to the club...)

Okay, that might've sounded nerdy, but, it is in the name (accept the facts here). Anyway, have fun and enjoy the quiz! Good luck and I hope you get the character you want (no guarantees)!

Created by: TheWritingNerd
  1. Hey guys! I am TheWritingNerd, and I'm here to quiz you on which *main* KOTLC character you are! Have fun and SEE YOU AROUND *evil laughter* (I've always wanted to do that)
  2. Are you excited for this quiz?
  3. What would you buy in Atlantis?
  4. Which pet would you get out of the following?
  5. This may seem obvious, but who's your favorite KOTLC character?
  6. Who would you want to have as parents?
  7. Who would you most want to kill in KOTLC?
  8. This may seem weird, but, do you ever name non-living objects?
  9. This also may seem obvious, but what's been your "label"? If it's too personal, feel free to skip!
  10. Imagine you ran away to join the Black Swan. What code name would you pick out of the following?
  11. Which KOTLC ship do you follow?
  12. What did you think of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Keeper of the Lost Cities Character am I?