What keeper of the lost cities character are you

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This quiz is all about what character you are most like. it will include what your personality is most like. it will compare those things to the personalities of the people available

the answers that could be possible include Fitz, Biana, Sophie, Keefe, Dex, Linh, Tam, and Wylie. please be honest about your answers and I hope you find it enjoyable. it is very small quiz.

Created by: Unicorn
  1. what is your favorite color-shades of blue
  2. who is your favorite
  3. what word most describes you
  4. what would you do if you were being attacked by the Neverseen
  5. what ship do you like best
  6. Sophie needs help. she needs to take down the Neverseen. Who would bring her the most help
  7. what do you think is the most important character skill
  8. what ability do you like most
  9. skills or abilities or both or neither
  10. l hope you had fun

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Quiz topic: What keeper of the lost cities character am I