which kat graham song describes you ?

Like katerina graham ? Then you'll love this quiz !!! Find out what kat song suits you most ?? And find out who you are *(don't take any answer or result seriously this is just a fun online activity)*

Do it please ......... Its very very fun !!! Tell your friends and other kat graham fans !!! She's awsumness !!! Thank you ... :) ;) lol !!! Hahaha !!! Tnx again

Created by: jj
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a crush?
  2. Do you like clothes shopping ?
  3. Do you like clothes shopping ?
  4. Are you intelligent ?
  5. do you get stage fright?
  6. Do you have big dreams ???
  7. How do you feel right now ?
  8. Fave song of kat graham?
  9. Are you a good lover !
  10. Do you like social media ?
  11. Do you use social media ?

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Quiz topic: Which kat graham song describes me ?