Which Jonas brother will kiss you

Do you like the Jonas brothers like me bec i love them do you ever think who wants to kiss me if you thought which Jonas browould wants to see you naked you can find out now

I have to something so if you like me say something if you like all the sexy hot stuff kiss me in bed I lovereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee This quizzzzzxxxxzzz

Created by: Hot girl10

  1. What is your gender
  2. You see the Jonas brothers at the store what do you do
  3. The Jonas brothers walk up to you (if you did nothing ) and nick says hey want to come over our place to hang what do you do
  4. You get to their house what do you want to do first
  5. You all decid that we should swim in the pool you get in the pool first. Nick comes out of the house he takes his shirt off and jumps in with you he gets close to you and he leans in got a kiss you kiss him as you swim did you like the kiss
  6. Your kissing nick when joe comes out of the house with no shirt and short shorts he sees you two really close he says what are you to doing
  7. Kevin comes out we all swim for a long time in tell I get the felling let I have to go pee what do you do
  8. You all get out of the pool Kevin gets a towel "thanks" you say "I had fun with you" said nick as he winked at you "hey (whatever Your name is ) want to play hide and go seek" what do you say
  9. You play hide and seek your count to 100 and stop I'm coming you yell you look Around and don't see anyone but you look in the bath room and see nick but he's not just hiding he's going pee what do you do
  10. When nick is done in the bathroom you guys walk around the house talking and looking for joe and Kevin but soon you and nick our making out In his bed then you and nick find joe in his room nick gets him and randomly they ask which of them is the sexyits
  11. You find Kevin and it's time to go home how do you say goodbye
  12. If you could see one Jonas brothers underpants who's would it be
  13. If you saw nick kissing someone else what would you do ( technically you guys our not together you just make out a lot in his room but you like him )

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