Which Jonas brother will kiss you

Have you ever thought which Jonas would like to kiss you well now you can know your going to find out who wants to kiss you all night long naked your going to find who wants you

So yah I hope you like it and have a good time doing it this may have some stuff about being naked and hot or sexy so if you don't like that stuff they well just still take the quiz it's really fun

Created by: Emmajonas

  1. who would you want to see naked more
  2. Your at the Jonas brothers house and you have to go to the bathroom what do you do
  3. Who do you think is hotties
  4. Who's more sexy
  5. If nick ask you to come with him to his room so he could show you something what would you do
  6. If nick ask you to go to the park and joe ask you to go for ice cream and kevin ask you to go to the movies who would you go with (don't just pick the place you want to go to pick the person you want to go with)
  7. If you were at the Jonas house and your staying for a week would you be able to sleep naked like you awasys do
  8. Your at the Jonas house for the week still do you have to wash your clothes you walk in the laundry room and you see Kevin butt naked getting his clothes out of the wash what do you do
  9. If you lived with the Jonas brothers would you want to share a room or not
  10. Have you seen Jonas LA the Disney Chanel show

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