Which is your main emotion?

Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Fear. You probably have heard of Inside Out. You might have even watched it! But did you know that everybody has them, even you? But the most important question is which of the five emotions have stayed with you from the second you began, all the way till it will end. Would you want to know? Even I am curious of myself.

Yeah, so the candidates are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. You most likely would like to have Joy as your main emotion. But if you want any other emotion, I would not laugh at you. It is a matter of what you want. But remember, tell the truth. If you lie about your answers, you are lying to yourself when you receive your answers. With nothing else to say, enter the quiz!

Created by: I shall not be named
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  1. Which of these results do you want to get at the end?
  2. You are in your bed and your alarm rings at 7am. What do you think of?
  3. Your mother prepares salad for you. What do you think of?
  4. Your mother tells you to go outside and exercise. What do you think of?
  5. Your mother calls you inside. What do you think of?
  6. Your mother tells you to do your homework. What do you think of?
  7. You are told you will go to KFC. What do you think of?
  8. It is raining. What do you think of?
  9. Dinner is ready! What do you think of?
  10. It is time to go to bed! Your mother kisses you goodnight and shuts the bedroom door. What do you think of?
  11. Finally, what do you think the goal of making the quiz is?

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Quiz topic: Which is my main emotion?