Wich Emotion Are You?

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Ok so we all have emotions(i think all), but, whats your strongest emotion? Whats the emotion you always feel more? idk you should know, ok you HAVE to know at least 6 emotions. You know them right?

Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Love and Fear. Theres more emtions but GoToQuiz only allows 6 boxes of results. *Long sight*. Ok whatever, if you ever wondered what emotion are you, take this quiz. If the result doesnt match whit you just take another quiz of these cuz my quizs really suck.

Created by: LiaTheBearOwO

  1. Yes whats your fav color? (doesnt affect but whatever)
  2. You see someone get bullied, what do you do?
  3. (Pretend you have a boyfriend/girlfriend) Your boyfriend/girlfrind is cheating on you, whats your reaction?
  4. A bully comes at you, and pushes you down the stairs, what do you do?
  5. A friend or a familiar dies, what would your reaction be?
  6. Someone accdedently drops some tea on you, whats your reaction?
  7. Oh and sorry if in all awnsers theres "Freak out", I dunno what to put lol
  8. You are gonna confess to your crush
  9. Normaly, in what mood are you?
  10. You loosed a game, and your rival won, whats your reaction?
  11. This is the end, bye!

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Quiz topic: Wich Emotion am I?