Which Inside out character are you?

Have you ever played the inside out game? Then you will want to take this quiz! Find out what character is best for the level you are on. You might not have that as one of your choices.

What inside out character are you? Take the quiz to find out! Don’t worry, there is no right answer. The inside out game is very fun! You should play it!

Created by: Cyffyctfjcutfcct

  1. If you have to say one sentence when you take a shower what will it be?
  2. Do you like outer space?
  3. How often do you throw up
  4. Do you forgot things easily
  5. Do you have a disrespectful attitude
  6. Do you like roller coasters
  7. Do you play hockey?
  8. How do you feel when you have to talk in school
  9. How do you feel about broccoli pizza
  10. Are you funny

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Quiz topic: Which Inside out character am I?