Which iCarly character are you? ( GIRLS ONLY!! )

There are some people in this world that act like each other but never know. There's some people that even act like their favorite celebrity! Do you wanna know which iCarly character are you most like?? Well now here's your chance!

Are you like Carly?? Are you like Sam, Freddie or Spencer?? You've probably been waiting far too long.... but you wont have to worry anymore..... in just a few minutes you will find out which iCarly character are you most like!....or most your twin!!

Created by: Natalie
  1. You're grounded for the weekend. (BUMMER!) So to keep from boredom what do u do??
  2. What is your favorite iCarly character? (No affect on this question)
  3. Are you nice??
  4. What colour hair do u have? (No affect)
  5. What would u rather have as a pet??
  6. Are you girly??
  7. What do u spend most of your time doing??
  8. Fat cakes!!
  9. Would u get into a fist fight with someone??
  10. Did you like this quiz??? (No affect)

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Quiz topic: Which iCarly character am I? ( GIRLS ONLY!! )