which hunger games character are you?

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are you a die hard hunger games fan? have you wondered who you would be? have you wondered if you would win? have you read the books? or has a friend told you about them?

now you can find out your hunger games twin in a matter of minutes! there are a few random questions but it is quite fun. wether you are a book or movie fan,this quiz is great!

Created by: katy

  1. what is your killing style
  2. what is your fave colour
  3. what are your hobbies
  4. are you hungry
  6. would you volonteer at the reaping?
  7. did you notice i spelt volunteer wrong answer honestly.
  8. have you ever gotten drunk
  9. if you were in the games would you win
  10. vampires or werewolves i am not a twilight fan i am just running out of questions

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Quiz topic: Which hunger games character am I?