which HTTYD tribe are you!!!

have you watched all the how to train your dragon movies? what about the tv shows? short clips? well do you know everything about dragons? yes? well this quiz will show what httyd are you

you could get on of six dragons; deathbringer, scuttleclaw, light fury, night terror, lycanwing or hotburble. will you get the one you want? take this quiz and see.

Created by: tabitha smith

  1. what do you think if you see someone new coming
  2. whats your favourite food as a dragon.
  3. what do you like to do most
  4. what sport do you like?
  5. if you were in a closed-in cave what would you do
  6. if you are a new kid at school, what would you do?
  7. you are going on a holiday. where would you go?
  8. whats your biggest secret
  9. how are you feeling now.
  10. did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Which HTTYD tribe am I!!!