Which horse best suits you

There are so many choices in life and i find the hardest (being a horse rider) finding the perfect horse. There are just so many horses and not all of them are fit for you or even me.

So which horse best suits you is a question you have to find out. Havent you allways wondered what it be like to have that one of a kind perfect horse well now you can i just a couple of minuets.

Created by: Bella

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like dressage?
  2. Do you like campdrafting.
  3. What is your favorite colour?
  4. What is your oppinion on endurance riding?
  5. Do you think jumping on a horse looks scary?
  6. Would you enjoy a full time horse.
  7. Do you think big horses are scary?
  8. If you were lost, on a horse, on a massive place, what would you do.
  9. Do you like fluffy horses.
  10. Are you energetic

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Quiz topic: Which horse best suits me