Are You a Wolf, Cat, or Horse

Many kids like to think of the fun question, "what kind of animal am I?". I also, am one of those kids who likes to think of that. I have made this quiz for people in the world who like animals, and want to know what they would be.

With SO many animals in the world, which one suits YOU? Because there are way too many to list, I have put on three - a Cat, Wolf, and Horse. After you take this quiz, you can be certain about which of these three animals you would be!

Created by: Hollie
  1. You must cross a river to get to safety on the other side. You:
  2. Your friend challenges you to a contest, and lets you choose what it is. You pick:
  3. You are very hungry, and a large doe (female deer) wanders near you. You:
  4. You are all by yourself, and can't find your friend(s) anywhere! You:
  5. You are mostly known for:
  6. Somebody threatens your family, and says some unkind words. You:
  7. You hear something rattling around in a bush. Your reaction is:
  8. You are face-to-face with an enormous bear. You:
  9. You accidentally upset your sister. Your solution is:
  10. If you had a job, it would most likely be:

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Quiz topic: Am I a Wolf, Cat, or Horse